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Feature Article

Go Paper-Free with CitiManager
Don’t Miss Out on Enhancements to CitiManager

Great news: Ongoing enhancements to CitiManager means new, improved functionality is always on tap. CitiManager provides access to view all account information online, anytime from anywhere. Now, cardholders will receive login information automatically when the first card transaction is made.

All users should go to and register. Follow the login information under “First Time Users”.

Now it’s more important than ever to encourage cardholders to log into CitiManager. CitiManager provides the option to view account information anywhere you are online. It is important to ensure current cardholder registrants have their most up-to-date email information in the system.

Go paper-free!

You can begin receiving statements electronically instead of by mail. It’s a great way to access statement information wherever you are online and reduce waste too! Electronic statements are secure, reliable, and convenient.

Citi will send an email or SMS message when a new statement is ready for viewing.

How to get started
It’s easy to get greener by choosing online statements. Here’s how:
1. Go to and register
2. On the Cardholder home page, click the Statement tab
3. Click the Go Paperless sub-tab and acknowledge all Terms & Conditions
4. Check the box indicating that you want to STOP receiving paper statements
5. Confirm your e-mail address, then click I Agree
6. To continue the online statement setup, click Yes. Once you receive the confirmation page, click Cancel to complete the process. And you’re done!

The “Go Paperless” program is part of Citi’s global effort to illustrate the vital role we all play in reducing our environmental impact. We hope you’ll join us in making the world a greener place!