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Test Your GTCC Knowledge

How much do you know about the GSA Government Travel Charge Card? Test your knowledge here with these seven questions. How many can you answer correctly?

  1. What are some of the GTCC tools that can make an APC's life easier?
    a. Dashboards
    b. Subscription-based reports
    c. Bulk maintenance
    d. All of the above

  2. TRUE OR FALSE: Although you have a Government Travel Charge Card, you can use your own personal charge card to pay for your official government-related travel expenses.

  3. At what point are late fees charged on a delinquent GTCC account?
    a. 30 days after the billing date
    b. 60 days after the billing date
    c. 75 days after the billing date
    d. 90 days after the billing date

  4. TRUE OR FALSE: As soon as your GTCC bill becomes delinquent, credit bureaus will automatically be notified and your credit score may be affected.

  5. When should you expect to be reimbursed by GSA for official travel expenses you charge with the GTCC?
    a. within 15 days
    b. within 30 days
    c. within 45 days
    d. within 60 days

  6. TRUE OR FALSE: You can use your GTCC travel card for personal, non-government travel-related expenses, as long as you pay your bill promptly.

  7. TRUE OR FALSE: If you ever have a question about your GTCC travel card, you can always contact Citi Customer Service to get clear and simple answers.


  1. d. All of the above
  2. False. Use of the GSA GTCC is mandatory for all purchases related to official travel expenses, unless deemed otherwise exempt.
  3. c. 75 days. A bill becomes delinquent 60 days after the billing due date. But late fees don't begin until 75 days have passed and the bill remains unpaid.
  4. False. An outstanding bill will only be reported to credit bureaus if it has remained unpaid for 210 days or more.
  5. b. Within 30 days. By law, GSA must reimburse you within 30 days. If you have not been reimbursed after that time, and your voucher submittal has no errors, you will be paid interest on authorized reimbursement amounts.
  6. False. Use of the GTCC is limited to official, government-related travel expenses only.
  7. True. Citi Customer Service is always standing by to help.

The information provided is for general use only. Contact the GSA Contracting Officer with any questions related to proper use of the master contract.