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Three Quick Questions And Answers

Q: How do I stop getting a "JavaScript error" when I run a report in the Custom Reporting System?

A: Before running a report in the CRS, just make sure your browser is running in Compatibility Mode if you're using IE 8.0 or later. Go to the Address Bar and click the button that looks like a ripped sheet of paper. This will switch the browser's settings to mimic IE 7.0. (Click the button again, and the browser returns to IE 8.0 settings.)

Also, if you wish, you can access Compatibility Mode settings and permanently add a website – CitiManager® portal, for example – so that every time you visit that website, your browser will automatically switch to mimic IE 7.0.

Q: In the Card Management System, where do I go to approve statements?

A: To approve the statements that are pending your approval, click Inbox, then click Current Status, then click the underlined account number. The Approve Statement button will be on the bottom.

Q: Can I see online why a specific card is declined?

A: Yes. Just be sure your program has the Declined Authorizations function turned on and you have the entitlement granted. Then you'll have the option to see declines.

The information provided is for general use only. Contact the GSA Contracting Officer with any questions related to proper use of the master contract.