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New Training Center Opens In Missouri

Good news for DoD agencies and military installations west of the Mississippi: If you're having trouble justifying travel to the East Coast for hands-on training covering your Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC), a convenient new option is now available. A new Citi training center has just opened in O'Fallon, Missouri.

The O'Fallon facility – which joins Citi's family of training centers in Jacksonville, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia and Washington, D.C. – gives DoD and military installations in the Midwest and West a more convenient travel option for GTCC training.

The Missouri location is the latest addition in Citi's continual expansion of our highly successful hands-on training program on "How to Manage your Government Travel Charge Card Program," which helps federal Agency Program Coordinators (APCs) stay up to date on the latest tools. Look for upcoming APC training at the O'Fallon facility in TraX.

Virtual learning

For agencies on a tight travel budget, we're also expanding the virtual learning options in Citi® Commercial Card Learning and System Support (CLASS), Citi's comprehensive education portal. Users now have at least a half-dozen ways to access valuable lectures and helpful hands-on learning. Among them:

  • Computer-based courses (complete with new Pause/Resume functionality that lets trainees stop and start lessons at their own pace)
  • User guides
  • Pre-recorded webinars from SmartPay® Conferences, including lectures on:
    • How Do I Manage my Centrally Billed (CB) Purchase Program
    • How Do I Manage my Individually Billed (IB) Travel Program and Cardholders
    • Delinquency Management
    • Disputes
    • How Citi Operates
    • How Do I Maintain my Online Users and APCs

The DoD is enjoying greater access to CLASS by making a transition from its existing TraX learning system to CLASS for the Government Travel Charge Card program. The Department's more than 40,000 APCs can now use CLASS in learning to manage their card program and learn about new system enhancements for more than 1.5 million cardholders around the world.

For any technical issues regarding CLASS, contact the Help Desk at 1-866-670-6462. For questions specific to training material content, please email We'll typically respond to your queries within 24 to 48 hours.