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Three Quick Questions And Answers

Q: Where can I find maintenance request forms and applications for SmartPay2 DoD Travel Agencies?

A: If you're an authorized Agency Program Coordinator (APC), just follow these steps:

  1. Log onto (You might want to bookmark this URL as a favorite.)
  2. Under LINKS, select "Resources"
  3. Under the heading "Department of Defense Travel Card Resources," you'll find all of the following:
    • Forms
    • Cardholder Guide
    • APC Guides
    • Applications
    • Training
    • Newsletters

Q: How can I schedule onsite training for APCs?

A: Citibank offers onsite training at no cost for agencies meeting the required minimum participation level of 20 or more, as set forth in the GSA SmartPay2 Master contract. If you'd like to host CitiDirect® Electronic Access System (EAS) training at your base or installation, simply:

  1. Log onto the Department of Defense Travel Card Homepage at
  2. Answer the questions on the On-Site CitiDirect® Training Requirements Form
  3. Fax your completed form to 866-882-9944 or email it to

A Citibank training coordinator will contact you to set up your training session.

Q: How can I ensure that my cardholders' payments are posted in a timely manner?

A: Check to make sure each cardholder's Social Security Number (SSN) is correct in Citi's records and the Defense Travel System (DTS). This will help to ensure the posting of payments in a timely manner, and may also reduce delinquency.