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Offload Some Workload:
We Can Support You During Sequestration

With sequestration now in full force, the trickle-down effect has already begun in one of the first areas that are traditionally affected by expense control initiatives: travel.

Of course, there are still many unknowns as sequestration begins to take full effect and multiple decisions are made.

For DoD Agency Program Coordinators (APC), sequestration means potential furloughs and a shorter work week – but often with the same workload. And, while DoD uniform personnel are not affected by furloughs, they are affected by the absence of civilian-side personnel with whom they interact to get business done.

At Citi, we understand that sequestration is a resource-stretching challenge for everyone, and the impact it has on you and your team. And we're ready to help you stay on top of your travel card programs without missing a step. Some of the ways we can make your life easier include running reports, managing email communications, and maintenance of items such as hierarchies, transfers, limit increases, activations/deactivations, mission-critical requests, and so on.

The following are some optional best practices to help manage your travel card program. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

To help identify cardholder misuse/abuse and manage delinquency, access reports available via Citi® Custom Reporting System (CCRS). For detailed information on these reports, see the CCRS Tip Sheet at, under "Training", click "CCRS Tip Sheet."

To help prevent unauthorized usage of travel card accounts:

  • Immediately close accounts for cardholders that are no longer employed with the DoD due to retirement, separation or termination
  • Deactivate the accounts when cardholders are not traveling.

To help prevent declined transactions on travel card accounts, activate accounts when cardholders are in a travel status.

To perform bulk maintenance, use the bulk maintenance features in Citi Card Management System (CCMS). You can use this tool to raise/lower credit limits, activate/deactivate accounts, and transfer accounts between hierarchy levels.

To keep cardholders up to date, they can register for online access, which makes their account information readily available to them. They can maintain their contact information, and sign up to receive electronic statements and account alerts, such as payment reminders and account delinquency notices.

To resolve disputes, be sure to submit any dispute to Citi within 60 days of the date of the invoice on which the charge(s) first appeared. After 60 days, the right to dispute a charge may be relinquished.

To access forms, guides, applications, training documents and newsletters, go to the DoD Travel Card Home Page at

To get top-notch training, use the online training Citi® Commercial Card Learning and System Support (CLASS) functionality on the CitiManager® Card Management Portal, under "Webtools." Several classes are available to assist APCs with various system capabilities. (Be sure you're taking online courses that begin with the title "DOD Travel" or "DOD CBA.")

At Citi, we're standing by to offload some of your workload. If you'd like to discuss ways we can help you during sequestration, please call 1-866-670-6462