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CitiManager® Goes Mobile To Give Cardholders Access Anywhere

CitiManager® Mobile packages the paper-free convenience, efficiency and security of the CitiManager® Card Management Portal and takes it on the road.

With CitiManager® Mobile, travel cardholders can now easily view their statements, balances and recent transactions – whether they're crossing the country on business or crossing the street on a sandwich run. Its as easy as using a smartphone or other mobile device to instantly access the CitiManager® Mobile website, which mirrors the CitiManager® portal and has the same program management capabilities that cardholders have become accustomed to in their travel card usage.

What kind of paper-free information can cardholders access via CitiManager® Mobile? They can access their current statement and up to five prior statements to:

  • Review their balances, card and transaction details, including new activity that will show up on their next statement
  • Make an electronic payment through their bank account
  • View an account summary of their most pertinent account information

A closer look

The CitiManager® Mobile website gives cardholders a valuable combination of simplicity and convenience. With the sites easy navigation, cardholders can quickly find the following functions:

  • My Accounts. Access all Government Travel Charge Card accounts, linked to a user ID through a single page. See high–level details on balance and available credit for each account.
  • Account Summary. Review your previous statement balance, new activity and current balance due.
  • Statement Summary. View the date, description and amount for each transaction in a statement period, for up to six recent statements. You can also drill down for more detailed information.
  • New Activity. View the date, description and amount of all transactions since the last statement. Then drill down for more detailed information.
  • Select Language. Click the Language Settings button on the Login page to change your language preference.
  • Mobile Help. Select the Mobile Help button on the Login page to view answers to your frequently asked questions.

For more detailed information on CitiManager® Mobile and its benefits, click here or call 1-866-670-6462.

Haven't registered for the CitiManager® Card Management Portal yet? Sign up right now, and begin enjoying the benefits of 24/7 access to your card account information.

Sign Up For CitiManager® Now!

You cant enjoy the benefits of mobile access unless you're registered for the CitiManager® Card Management Portal. If you're not already registered, why not do it right now? Its simple; heres how:

  1. Log into CitiManager
  2. Click "My Profile" on top navigation bar
  3. Click the "Alerts" link below your cardholder details
  4. Subscribing to Alerts
    Navigating to the Alerts Webpage on the CitiManager Portal

  5. On the alerts page, select your desired SMS and e-mail alerts
  6. Add the desired mobile phone number and select your telecom provider
  7. Choose the time zone, days and hours when you want to receive the alerts
  8. Check the box to indicate you agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Save your change
  10. After step 8, the alert setup process is complete. For North America Clients, there is a final confirmation step for SMS alerts before Citi will begin sending SMS messages:

  11. Retrieve activation code sent to the registered mobile phone
  12. On the CitiManager alerts page, enter the activation code