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A Look Back at 2012: Training Sessions Helped
DoD Get The Most Out Of Its Card Program

One of the primary benefits of being a Citi Commercial Cards client is the ongoing education you and your team receive. Citi is wholly committed to a strong, consistent training regimen that’s designed to help members get the most out of their card program.

That commitment was readily evident in our 2012 training program for DoD participants. Consider the impressive statistics. Last year, DoD training included:

25 on-site events, attended by nearly 800 participants. These events included training sessions and demonstrations at numerous military installations across the country, including the Hartford Armory (CT), Fort Carson (CO), Fort Bragg (NC), Fort Rucker (AL), Joint Base Lewis-McChord (VA), Camp Mabry (TX), Fort Knox (TN), and others.

81 classroom events, attended by over 400 participants. Conducted at Citi’s own Commercial Card Learning And System Support (CLASS) centers in Norfolk, Virginia and Washington, DC (and most recently, Jacksonville, Florida), these classroom training sessions covered topics ranging from DoD Travel to Advanced Reporting to Intellilink to Specialized Services to the Green/Paperless Initiative.

SmartPay Training Conference.Of course, the centerpiece of Citi’s 2012 training program for DoD was the 14th Annual GSA SmartPay Training Conference, July 31 - August 2 in Nashville, Tennessee. Nearly 200 DoD participants attended the Conference, which featured 40 hands-on workshops and 39 informative lectures in support of GSA programs. The event also offered a sneak peek at Citi’s newest Commercial Card solutions.

Stellar attendee feedback
The above training is highly popular with DoD participants, who have given our 2012 sessions sterling marks in satisfaction surveys – to the tune of a 97.5% rating for the curriculum and a 98% rating for trainers. Among the comments we received on these surveys:

“Great trainer. Did excellent job modifying his training to our unique customers!”

“It was very in depth and that is exactly what I needed as a new primary APC for my group.”

“Absolutely great class. I feel like I have all the skills to be a great APC now.”

“Being able to personally interact with the instructor in a small group environment was beneficial to my learning experience.”

“Thank you Citibank, job well done!”

“All was great! Wonderful instructor. Can’t wait for the advanced course on running reports.”

On the docket for 2013
Citi is building on the success of our 2012 training program, with multiple exciting initiatives taking place this winter. A total of nine webinars are already underway. At Citi, we’re proud of our powerful, ongoing training for GSA employees, and we look forward to building on it in 2013. For more information, please contact your Citi representative, or email Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your inquiry.

The 2012 GSA SmartPay Training Conference featured 40 hands-on workshops and 39 informative lectures.