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Rick Holahan
Senior VP, Senior Project Manager, Citi Commercial Cards

As a U.S. Army Reservist and National Guardsman since 2001, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rick Holahan isn't just a Citi employee. He's also Captain Holahan, and carries a DoD Travel Card.

"I wear two hats," says Rick. "I'm a Citi employee, but also serve in the Army Reserves at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. I'm a Government Travel Cardholder myself, and my Citi experience helps me understand the program as a Reservist, while my Reserve duty lets me bring a customer's viewpoint to Citi."

Rick has ample opportunity to ask his fellow service members about how the program is working for them.

"Sometimes I'll ask my friends 'What do you think of the program?' And by and large, the responses I get are quite positive. People not only use the card, but they also use Citi Manager to go online and check their statement, whether from their desktops or from their smart phones," he says. "In fact, I'd guess that we're probably ahead of the broader U.S. population in doing mobile banking. We're pretty used to being on the road and can't rely on a paper statement mailed to our house when we're not there."

Of all his daily duties, Holahan clearly enjoys helping his DoD colleagues succeed. "In the case of the Department of Defense, we really want our customers to thrive, because this is the mechanism we use to protect our national security and I've been a part of that for a dozen years."

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