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Two Quick Questions And Answers

Q: When is a Reinstatement Application needed for an Individually Billed Account (IBA)?

A: A Reinstatement Application is required when an account has been closed due to non-payment (G5) or insufficient funds (NSF) returned payments (G8). Applicants must meet the following account criteria:

  • Account must not have been previously charged-off
  • Accounts with three or more NSF payments over the life of the account are ineligible for reinstatement. Waiting period of 12 months from the most recent NSF payment date is required before submitting a Reinstatement Application on accounts that have 2 NSF payments or less
  • The account balance must be paid in full for at least 60 days before submitting a Reinstatement Application
  • The account must not have been previously reinstated
  • The cardholder must agree to a credit check and meet the minimum credit score required

If approved, there is a non-reimbursable $29 reinstatement fee.

Q: What are the critical deadlines for managing delinquency?

A: Here are the most critical delinquency dates:

  • 31 Days Past Billing = A cardholder's account becomes Past Due and for the first time a cardholder will show up on a delinquency report. The APC attempts to get cardholder to make payment to prevent future delinquency.
  • 45 Days Past Billing = Pre-suspension Notification. APCs will notify the cardholder/CBA Manager and the supervisor that the account will be suspended in 15 days if full amount not paid/disputed.
  • 61 Days Past Billing = Account suspension. The account will reopen after posting of the full past-due payment.
  • 75 Days Past Billing = $29 late fee. Without full payment of the past-due amount, fees will continue to be assessed every 30 days until the account charges-off.
  • 91 Days Past Billing = Delinquency Notification to Supervisors, and cardholder will receive a Due Process letter from the GTCC contractor that his/her account will be cancelled and referred for salary offset within 30 days if the balance is not paid in full.
  • 126 Days Past Billing = Account cancellation/permanently closed. By this date, the cardholder will have received 6 letters, 5 statements and numerous calls from a Citi Collections Specialist to attempt a reasonable payment arrangement. Prior to salary offset at 126+ days, Citi offers a reduced payment plan to delinquent cardholders that allows for payment of outstanding balance over a defined time period.
  • 126+ Days Past Billing (approximate) = Salary Offset. Account sent to Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) for salary offset consideration. Associated non-reimbursable fees will be added to the balance on the account when it is enrolled in Salary Offset. The current fees are: $85 for accounts reviewed but not enrolled; and $167 for enrolled accounts ($25 DFAS processing fee; $55 Citi Administration fees; $87 late fees).
  • 211 Days Past Billing (charge-off) = Delinquency is reported to the cardholder's personal credit bureau and may be referred to collection agency or attorney for additional collection efforts.

The information provided is for general use only. Contact the GSA Contracting Officer with any questions related to proper use of the master contract.