Citibank® Direct Payment Enrollment Service

Frequently Asked Questions

P.S: Note to Suppliers:

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure that all your data is captured accurately and your faxes are not rejected, please use the 'Print Form' button located on page 2 for printing your form.

What are ACH Payments?

ACH payment processing refers to the moving of money electronically through the Automated Clearing House communication network.

What are the advantages of ACH payments?

The advantages to you are:

  • Improved cash flow – The timing of your receipts will be more predictable and reliable with immediate funds availability, allowing for more accurate cash flow forecasting and informed investment decisions.
  • Improved efficiency – You eliminate the manual and labor-intensive process of handling payments made by check which, in turn, improves your receivables operation.

What is the Citibank® Direct Payment Enrollment Service?

Citibank Direct Enrollment Service is a way for you to notify Altria Group and its Companies that you wish to receive payments electronically. By visiting the Citibank Direct Payment Enrollment Service Web site, you are able to download an enrollment form. After the form is completed, you fax it to our secure fax server where it is collated and sent to the Altria Client Services Field Payments department. Field Payments then changes your payment method from check to ACH for your account once the testing for the pre-note is complete.

Do I have to pay fees for the service?

There are no fees for the service.

Can I receive ACH payments from other companies?

Citibank Direct Payment Enrollment supports the retailers of Altria Group and its Companies. You will need to contact other companies directly to change your payment instructions.

Who do I contact if there are changes or updates to my company’s account?

You should use this enrollment process to change the bank account where you would like your payment deposited. Please choose "Yes" when answering the question "Is this a change to a current account?" on the enrollment form.

What if I haven't received any payments after I have enrolled?

Please contact your Altria Sales & Distribution sales representative to ensure that you are properly set up and that payments are due to you.

What is an ABA number and how to do I find it?

An ABA number is a routing number used within the banking industry to route transactions to the proper bank account. This information is needed, along with the bank account number, in order to transfer funds electronically into your account. This information can be found on a deposit slip or at the bottom of a check as shown below.

How do I find my bank account number?

The bank account number can be found on a deposit slip or at the bottom of a check as shown above.

What if I want payments to be deposited to multiple bank accounts?

At this time, Altria Client Services is not offering the ability to deposit to more than one bank account.

What is the Retail Control Number?

The retail control number is the unique identifier that Altria Client Services uses to identify your store. It can be found on your homepage of the insightsc3M website. It is a six digit number located in the upper left corner next to your store name.

How long will it take to start receiving my payments electronically?

You can expect to begin receiving your payments electronically within a few weeks of enrollment.