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Citi Client Service Academy - Western Europe

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Citi Client Service Academy is an innovative series of proactive training sessions offering you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Citi's systems and products and provide you with a quick help on Frequently Asked Question.

Academy Features:

The Client Academy offers On Demand Online trainings; these pre-recorded training tutorials offer you the convenience and independence of training at your own pace.

On Demand

Whether you are looking for CitiDirect® specific functionality training, other Citi products tutorials or simply need a quick help on a specific topic, you can access On Demand and FAQ "How to" sessions at your fingertips.

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We also offer On Demand Trainings and FAQ "How to" sessions in Spanish, Italian, French and German so please refer to the language links available beside the English On Demand training name. Please note language offering is available only for a selected number of On Demand trainings.

Most Popular

Our new "Most Popular" section will highlight the trainings that have been most used by our clients. This section is updated quarterly to reflect our users' trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our new FAQ "How to" section combines the reliability of a training with the convenience of a quick "Show me how to" On Demand. This will help you finding the answer you are looking for in a flash!

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CitiDirect® FAQ
Other Products FAQ


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