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Citi Client Service Academy

Asia Pacific Region - CitiDirect BESM

Client Service Academy
Slip Sheet (English)
Please take a moment to review Citi Security Best Practices video

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CitiDirect BESM is the evolution of CitiDirect® Online Banking (CitiDirect). New user-friendly features in CitiDirect BESM include a portal environment and a convenient single log in that gives you oneclick access to multiple applications. The new interface and navigation are more intuitive, and provide a more streamlined and customizable electronic workflow. Moreover, CitiDirect BESM includes all the same CitiDirect functionality and tools you use daily but provide easier access to the key tasks you perform.

For All Users

For MFA Users

Multi-factor login procedure

Key points to note during the login process:

  1. Select "Multi-factor" login method
  2. Press "9" on the Safeword card before completing Challenge Response
  3. Input your temporary password received from mailbox -

For more details regarding login procedures and FAQs, please refer to the following documents:

Getting Started Kit - MFA
Quick Reference Card - MFA Login Steps
Quick Reference Card - Browser Security Settings

For All Other Users

Non Multi-factor login procedures

Please refer to the documents below for login steps:

Getting Started Kit

User Training

To learn how to use CitiDirect BESM effectively, please refer to the following documents:

User Training - Online Video
Comprehensive Payments Guide
Comprehensive Reports & Inquiries Guide
Quick Reference Card - Client Linkage Feature
Quick Reference Card - Creating an Alternate Login ID
SWIFT Payment Information via CitiDirect BE
Service Inquiry Manager

Additional Information

Do note that any user on Internet Explorer 6 must be upgraded to newer versions of Internet Explorer. Please ensure all users have a valid e-mail address associated to their CitiDirect user profile in order to receive further upgrade notifications.

For Security Managers

Security Manager Training

As a Security Manager for your business, you will be able to perform certain important functions on behalf of your users in CitiDirect BESM now. Please find provided links guiding you through the Security Manager functionalities within CitiDirect BESM below:

Security Manager - Online Training
Comprehensive Security Manager Guide

Quick Reference Cards below gives condensed step-by-step instructions of common Security Manager Functions:

Quick Reference Card - Unlocking a Locked User
Quick Reference Card - Regenerate Temporary Password to User
Create New User
CitiDirect BE - Modifying Users, User Groups and User Group Associations Mini Guide
Quick Reference Card - Deleting Users