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Treasury Leadership Webinar Series

What is the Treasury Leadership Webinar Series?

To meet the demands of your business expansion, Citi is pleased to present the Treasury Leadership Webinar Series, designed for Treasurers, CFOs and Finance Executives, to enable you to hear from industry leaders and your peers, to navigate the ever-changing market landscape.

With speakers representing some of the world's leading companies, these timely, educational and interactive webinars allow you to understand the economic, political and social drivers affecting the current market, to hear from industry experts on the intricacies of the issues, and to learn how to adopt best practices and new solutions to meet these challenges head on.

  • Treasury Leadership Series – Broadening Horizons: Centralizing your Account Receivables Within a Shared Services Organization

Shared Service Centers (SSCs) are a key segment for Citi Transaction Services. As part of our comprehensive SSC engagement strategy, we are pleased to present a webinar along with Deloitte Consulting targeted at key clients in the SSC space. This webinar will discuss the current trends in receivables centralization globally and in Asia, the associated benefits and challenges and different models that have been successfully adopted by corporates.


  • Jean-Paul Binot, Leader, Finance Transformation, Deloitte Consulting SEAsia
  • Sandip Patil, Regional Head, Payables and Receivables, Asia Pacific, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi Transaction Services

Date: August 28, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Treasury Leadership Series – The Euro Crisis: An Update and Implications for Treasurers

This session will provide an update on the current situation and Citi’s views on how this may play out, and review what leading Treasurers are doing to prepare and manage for the prolonged crisis.


  • William Lee, Managing Director, Global Chief Economist Team, Citi Research
  • Ron Chakravarti, Managing Director, Global Liquidity & Investment Team, Citi Transaction Services
  • Gourang Shah, Managing Director, Treasury Advisory Team, Citi Transaction Services

Date: August 15, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Treasury Leadership Series – Trends in Mobile Banking: Transforming the Traditional Corporate Treasury Solution

Citi's mobile experts discussed the current trends in mobile usage and mobile corporate banking and how client demand is driving innovative product development, plus two case studies where clients shared their experiences using CitiDirect BE Mobile.


  • Manash Dasgupta – Sector Head, Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Dindo Guzman – Regional Channels and Enterprise Services Product Manager
  • Tonet Santana – Regional Digital and Mobile Product Manager

Client Speakers:

  • PT. Newmont Pacific Nusantara – Ms. Enny Widiarti, Finance & Accounting Manager
  • Scania Group – Ms. Monica Dame, Executive Assistant to the Chief Officer

Date: July 17, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Treasury Leadership Series – Investing Wisely

Going into 2012, investing wisely has become a greater challenge to many corporate treasurers as they are faced with more questions than answers. It is even more significant now since cash reserves for many corporates, especially in Asia, have grown during the past few years and treasurers continue to seek alternative investments to meet both risk diversification and liquidity objectives.

Headwinds from economic issues plaguing developed markets and the resulting impact on global banks and sovereign risks have created a number of challenges in diversifying investments across currencies and instruments for Corporate Treasurers. They often find themselves looking for secure repositories for their cash, segmenting their cash for return optimization while maintaining a balance with counterparty risks.

In this session, Citi's Asia Pacific Liquidity and Investments team and representatives from Asset Management houses will address these key questions that will help Treasurer's navigate their company better in today's difficult market conditions.


  • Subash Pillai , Head of Cash and Fixed Interest, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
    Marta L. Stein , Vice President Global Liquidity Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Asset Management
    Philippe Jaccard, Head of Liquidity and Investment Asia Pacific, Citi
    Nishami Dharmaratne, Head of Liquidity and Investment Desk Asia Pacific, Citi

Date: June 14, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Treasury Leadership Webinar Series – RMB Cross Border Trade Settlement Scheme

We were proud to present the People Bank of China ("PBOC") perspective on the progress made to date, the outlook for the future, and the challenges faced in RMB cross border settlement.

This session is available in both English and Mandarin and will be useful to all clients with a significant China presence and help provide official information that will allow planning of optimal strategies for business flows from and into China.


  • Mr Teng, Branch Manager, Beijing

Guest Speaker:

  • Mr Wang, Director of RMB X-Border Sub Department with Monetary Policy II Department of People’s Bank of China (PBOC) HO

Date: May 22, 2012

The replay is no longer available as the speaker had agreed to a one month viewing period only.

  • Treasury Leadership Series – Challenges in Supply Chain: The art of credit risk and role of the Treasurer

In this session, we reviewed Supply Chain dynamics, and discussed how some Corporates have set up cross functional teams to successfully deploy solutions to mitigate such risks and achieve working capital efficiencies.


  • Rajiv K Rajendra, CEO of Aktrea Capital, Provider of Advisory, Knowledge, and Treasury Solutions
  • Gourang Shah, Head, Treasury Advisory Group, Citi
  • Parvaiz Dalal, Head, Structured Trade Asean, Citi

Date: March 22, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Implications of Recent China Regulatory Changes to Corporate Treasury

In this session hosted by Alan Lin, we reviewed China’s evolving regulations, and discussed how corporates can take advantage of this changing landscape to include China in their global treasury structures.

Citi Speakers:

  • Alan Lin – Citi Transaction Services Head, China
  • Rachel Wang – Treasury Advisor, Citi Transaction Services Asia Pacific
  • Kathy Yang – ICG Compliance, China

Date: February 21, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Treasury Leadership Webinar Series – Top Treasury Priorities for 2012

In this session Gourang Shah and Cindy Yung from our Treasury Advisory team will examine the numerous external challenges that Treasurers are dealing with as well as opportunities that can be leveraged. The session will also discuss how Treasurers can set the Treasury objectives for 2012 to effectively navigate this external market turmoil.

Citi Speakers:

  • Damian Macinante – Senior Regional Sales Consultant, Treasury and Trade Solutions
  • Gourang Shah – Head, Treasury Advisory Asia Pacific
  • Cindy Yung – Analyst, Treasury Advisory Asia Pacific

Date: January 17, 2012

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

  • Treasury Leadership Webinar Series – Is your SSC delivering optimally

Treasury Leadership Webinar Series - In this session our guest speakers from Deloitte Consulting shared with you the highlights of a recent global shared service centre survey and detail how to move beyond cost savings to true business transformation, strategy development and growth, as well as provide thoughts on how to upscale the maturity of SSCs into the "Next Gen".

Citi Speakers:

  • Mr. Sandip Patil, AP Regional Payments and Receivables Head, Citi
  • Young Yan Leong, Senior Consultant - Operations Consulting

Guest Speakers:

  • Mohit Mehrotra - Mohit is responsible for developing the Financial Services Strategy & Operations business in the region at Deloitte Consulting
  • Florian de Longvilliers - Florian is in the CFO services practice of Deloitte Consulting

Date: Tuesday 1st November, 2011

To view the presentations and hear an Audio Replay , click here.

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