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States face complex financial, budgetary and operational challenges — from procurement to tax collection, distribution of unemployment benefits and investment of state employee pension funds. Citi helps states meet these diverse challenges with innovative solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, help manage risk, consolidate reporting and increase transparency. To learn more about Citi’s solutions for state governments, select a case study from the menu.

An Eastern State Local Government Investment Pool

Fund Accounting and Custody Services

A single professional client support team

State of California


Citi and the State of California Manage the Largest Electronic State Tax Collection Platform in the United States

State of Missouri

Liquidity & Investments

FBO account structures provide a short-term investment solution with full FDIC backing, competitive rates and ready access to funds

State of Texas

Commercial Cards

State-wide card program delivers a high level of efficiency and cost savings to large and small government entities

State of West Virginia

Commercial Cards

Elevating a Card Program to New Levels of Efficiency

State of Washington

Securities Lending

Citi’s high-touch, white glove service revitalizes the State of Washington’s securities lending program