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WorldLink® Payment Services

WorldLink® Payment Services enables you to make all of your cross-border payments via a single window and without having to maintain local currency accounts.

A global leader in payments, Citi makes millions of cross-border payments every year on behalf of the world's most prominent companies, financial institutions, and public-sector entities–including both large and small universities worldwide.

Through WorldLink® Payment Services, we offer a robust, flexible solution to support your school’s cross-border payments for student abroad programs, research programs, pensions and stipends for faculty abroad, visiting professors and speakers, and global alumni activities and campaigns. You can also use WorldLink to make all of your patent or royalty payments, and payments for technology, medical equipment and international library subscriptions. With WorldLink, you can make all of your payments from a single or a few accounts. And, with WorldLink’s integrated foreign exchange capability, you can count on getting competitive foreign exchange rates quickly and easily online. WorldLink Payment Services meet all of your cross-border payment needs. With WorldLink, you can issue payments in over 135 currencies via funds transfers, remote checks, on-site checks, crossborder ACH and cash.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility of payments – multiple payment options in multiple currencies through a single window.
  • Control of payments – payment accuracy, an added level of authorization for high-value payments and the ability to stop payments easily.
  • Flexible reporting – a customizable online system that offers the ability to accurately track payments.
  • A way to reduce costs – because the maintenance of local currency accounts and foreign check and advice production can be costly.
  • Fraud mitigation – your risk of fraud increases, especially in certain regions.
  • Your beneficiaries need to receive their funds–and Payment Advice–as quickly as possible.