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Virtual Card Accounts

A next-generation payment tool that increases transaction security and control

Organizations can now generate unique virtual card numbers and dynamically set spending and reconciliation controls on each virtual account based on their specific purchasing needs. This solution safeguards against unauthorized spend, helps prevent fraudulent purchases and simplifies reconciliation.

Citi® Virtual Card Accounts are flexible: they are designed to complement an organization’s existing commercial card program or be used as a standalone solution to streamline purchasing for large-ticket items. Citi Virtual Card Accounts are an ideal secure, electronic solution for post-invoice payments and "card-not-present transactions" made via the Internet, phone or mail order.

Key Benefits

Citi Virtual Card Accounts put you in control.

  • Customize transaction controls: Companies can customize and preset authorization parameters as needed for each transaction.
  • Safeguard against fraud: Virtual card numbers minimize exposure to fraud.
  • Make reconciliation fast, easy and flexible: 30 user-defined fields give companies more choice and flexibility to customize data and simplify the reconciliation process.
  • Eliminate paper: Replace manual, paper-based payments with a faster, more efficient and traceable electronic payables solution.