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Citi Financial Services for Public and Private Universities: Unique, tailored solutions for achieving global excellence

There are many factors that impact the success of your university. Academic quality is crucial, but you also face business challenges, such as revenue generation, procurement efficiencies, tightening budgets and global expansion. Talk to Citi about addressing all these needs. Citi offers a unique and unparalleled suite of financial services to help public and private universities achieve their global objectives.

Citi’s innovative and global solutions span from payment collections to a variety of disbursement programs. Our financial solutions for institutions of higher learning are designed specifically for cost savings and administrative efficiencies, reducing time and expenses normally associated with traditional procurement methods. At the same time, we serve your student body well, giving students a simple and convenient way to receive funds from the school.

Within Citi, you have access to financial experts who are experienced in serving academic institutions institutions. Our experts take the time to understand what’s most important to your academic institution. And you benefit from the significant investments we’ve made in dedicated client management support and tailored payment solutions.

In short, your institution can count on Citi’s global knowledge and unique, tailored solutions. Discover the many ways we can help you meet your payment needs and achieve financial success.