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Human Subject Research Payments

Streamline payments to research study participants

If your institution regularly disburses payments for grant recipients and other research participants, you know how inefficient and costly paper checks and cash can be. Consider Citi's innovative Research Subject prepaid program. This unique solution is ideal for delivering research study payments across all studies.

Using a consultative approach, we provide you with a central, secure payment tool that allows your institution to expediently deliver all funds using a single process, via a single prepaid card. The Research Subject prepaid program ensures confidentiality among research study participants, while delivering the benefits of flexibility, convenience and control over funds.

Citi Prepaid handles additional payments within academic institutions: Financial Aid Refunds and Payroll/Pension.

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Key Benefits

  • Provides central tracking and administration of participants and payments across studies
  • Secures participant’s identity using non-personalized cards
  • Eliminates need to return unused funds – payments created on as-needed basis
  • Saves researchers and review board administrators significant costs and time
  • Delivers recipient-friendly access to funds
  • Accounts FDIC insured
  • Streamline payments by outsourcing all payment types to 3rd party
  • Save researchers and review board administrators significant costs and time
  • Improve recipient satisfaction