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Citi® Program Dashboard

The New Face of Efficiency

The Citi® Program Dashboard delivers program analytics more effectively than ever before – to help your business achieve greater efficiency and control.

Designed to complement Citi’s cutting-edge reporting capabilities and maximize Commercial Card program impact, this sophisticated tool provides a dynamic, graphical presentation of account and transaction information based on user-driven parameters and key performance indicators. Citi Program Dashboard seamlessly integrates with your existing reporting environment, allowing users to generate metrics, diagnostics and optimization opportunities regarding spending patterns, trends, anomalies and root causes. Users can zero in on exceptions, trends and data points, and then drill down into the specific transactions, cardholders and vendors that account for the exception or trend. Advanced capabilities allow users to dynamically change parameters such as time sequence, hierarchy or vendor base and view results in real time.

The Citi Program Dashboard puts critical tools and analytics at your fingertips – so you can leverage Commercial Card program data to drive compliance and efficiency across your organization.

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Key Benefits

  • Access dynamically integrated views of all transaction data by business unit, cardholders and vendors
  • Generate metrics and diagnostics, and identify spending patterns, trends, anomalies and root causes
  • Analyze business performance against strategic objectives
  • Identify optimization opportunities to improve spend impact
  • Issue real-time alerts based on user-defined criteria