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Citibank® Fleet Card

Citi understands that controlling your fleet expenses requires managing the details of your fleet-related transactions. That is why the Citibank® Fleet Card program provides comprehensive and flexible information management tools for analyzing spending and usage patterns, while also helping you streamline the management and payment of vehicle fleet expenses with a single card for fuel, maintenance and repair costs.

Unrivaled Benefits

A complement to your Citibank® Purchasing Card or Travel Card program, the Citibank Fleet Card offers benefits not found in other fleet card programs, including:

  • The flexibility to assign cards to drivers or vehicles, depending on how you need to track expenses
  • Built-in controls to ensure compliance with organization policies
  • Acceptance at virtually all U.S. fuel and maintenance locations
  • The ability to set spending restrictions for fuel only, fuel and repair/maintenance or maintenance only
  • Point-of-sale prompts for an odometer or PIN entry for added security
  • Authorization limits based on spend amount, number of transactions and vendor type

Data Management and Reporting

As with all Citibank® Commercial Cards, our Fleet Card offers information management solutions that seamlessly integrate with your financial systems, making it easier to enforce card usage policies and better understand spending patterns, as well as helping government organizations comply with local regulations. Take advantage of:

Ongoing Consultative Support

A dedicated account team will create a program to meet your needs, or re-engineer and expand an existing one. Plus, your cardholders will enjoy 24/7 support from our best-in-class customer service team.

*Citibank Fleet Card is not available as a stand-alone product.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility to assign cards based on your needs
  • Built-In controls to ensure compliance
  • Acceptance at virtually all US locations
  • Ability to set spending restrictions and authorization limits based on your needs
  • Point-of-sale prompts for added security