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Commercial Card Solutions

As a leading academic institutions institution, Citi understands that your mission is to provide academic excellence without compromise. We are committed to supporting your mission and to helping you obtain your objectives with our unparalleled suite of card programs.

Citi’s innovative payment programs are designed to reduce the cost and time associated with traditional procurement methods, delivering efficiencies to faculty, staff and students. Our goal is to help you spend more time educating and less time managing your back-end payment processes. Citi’s depth of experience in academic institutions has led to a targeted approach, helping to meet the unique needs of your campus and faculty. Whether MasterCard® or Visa® branded cards are selected for your Citi® Purchasing or Travel Card program, you will benefit from Citi’s unmatched expertise, innovative technology, comprehensive reporting and unmatched acceptance at over 30 million merchants worldwide.

Citi Commercial Cards at a glance:

  • Purchasing Card – Superior service, unmatched acceptance and comprehensive reporting for all of your campus-related purchases.
  • Virtual Card Accounts – A unique account number for each vendor or each purchase for added security and streamlined reconciliation.
  • Travel Card – A simple, secure solution for university travel and entertainment expenses which includes travel insurance and emergency assistance services.
  • One Card – The efficiency of one card for purchase and travel needs.
  • Prepaid Card Programs – Improve disbursement processes and cost for financial aid refunds and work-study, research-study payments and payroll/pension with a prepaid program.
  • Declining Balance Card – A budgetary solution that allows the university to control the maximum spend on the Card and the length of time that the Card is active.
  • Program Dashboard – At-a-glance graphic reports and metrics provide you with immediate insight into spend patterns.
  • Working Capital Analytics – Let Citi help you analyze your program and provide cost saving and process efficiency recommendations.
  • Instant Account Access – Monitor spend, streamline review and approvals, and maintain cardholder records.
  • Seamless Integration – Citi data and technology will integrate with your existing financial systems.
  • Program Management – Citi’s advanced technology provides the tools you need to save time, reduce spend and raise your overall level of efficiency.
  • Program Audit Tool – The Citi® Program Audit Tool delivers a powerful card activity monitoring tool to drive program efficiencies, effectively oversee your cardholders’ spend activity and alert you to transactions that are not within your program parameters.
  • Mobile Payment Technologies – Depending on the region and mobile network, Citi’s Mobile Payment Technologies provide cardholders with the ability to conveniently, efficiently, and easily stay informed about activity on their cards using their mobile phones. Subscribers of SMS and email alerts obtain timely, convenient access to information about their accounts. Some SMS alert capabilities include updates on balance, transaction, and fraud alerts, as well as two-way inquiries.
  • Global Presence – Citi Commercial Cards has on-the-ground presence in over 90 countries, local currency card issuance in over 50 countries and online program management tools available in 26 languages. Citi has long been considered a preeminent Commercial Cards provider to large and multinational organizations globally.
  • Customer Service – Available to your university cardholders 24/7/365, from almost anywhere in the world.