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Products and Services

Electronic Bank Account Management

Citi® Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) is an online solution that enables you to efficiently manage your accounts globally. Citi provides two eBAM options for you: Citi® eBAM via CitiDirect BESM, a web-based application available via the CitiDirect BE portal, and Citi® eBAM via CitiConnect®, a service enabling you to leverage CitiConnect, our information delivery gateway, via your ISO 20022 enabled eBAM solution.

By providing electronic forms and documentary requirements, Citi eBAM via CitiDirect BE provides a channel to allow authorized users to initiate requests for Account Opening, Maintenance and Signatory Management of your Citi accounts. Citi eBAM via CitiDirect BE’s use of electronic workflows significantly streamlines the overall process, reducing the expense, risk, and inefficiencies associated with traditional processing methods. Citi eBAM via CitiDirect BE takes advantage of advancements in technology and growing legal acceptance of electronic communications. In countries where digital credentials are a valid form of authorization, Citi eBAM via CitiDirect BE reduces the need for ink signatures through the use of digital signatures and secure workflows. This reduces risk and errors in the management of accounts by enabling you to control internal compliance and approval processes. Through Citi eBAM via CitiDirect BE you can manage your accounts in over 50 countries.

Citi currently supports the 15 ISO 20022 XML (eBAM) industry standard messages through Citi eBAM via CitiConnect, which allows you to instruct Citi of your bank account management needs (i.e. account opening, signer management, etc) via your eBAM-enabled treasury solution.