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For Telecommunications companies…

Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations. Multiple payment options for your customers. Streamlined processes for speed and accuracy to ultimately avoid customer shut-offs. Reduced days sales outstanding and improved cash flow forecasting.

At Citi, we understand how the challenges you face every day impact the way you do business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive array of solutions designed specifically to meet the unique, ever-changing needs of the telecommunications industry, including:

  • Flexible receivables solutions to streamline collections and make processes more efficient
  • Multiple payment solutions for consumers with cash, paper check and electronic options
  • Various points of entry for making payments including the Web, in-store locations, mail, phone, check-to-ACH conversion and paper check-to-electronic conversion

Beyond helping you improve the efficiency of your payment processes, Citi can also help you effectively enhance your portfolio yields. With a quarter century of experience developing customized programs, we offer clients a wide range of secruties finance capabilities that few organizations can match.

In fact, with access to our team of dedicated telecommunications industry experts, you’ll find that you can count on Citi for all your cash management, fund services, securities services and trade services and finance needs. That’s because we offer solutions and services in 100 countries around the world, providing telecommunications-based businesses secure electronic access to our solutions in any number of ways. Whether Web-based, file-based or directly integrated with your treasury workstation, Citi lets you connect in the way that works best for you – no matter where or how you do business.