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For Power Utility companies…

Ongoing deregulation. PUC pressures. Fluctuating demand. Raw material costs. Mandatory reliability standards. Gas vs. coal-fired plants. Grid stability. $/MWh pricing issues.

At Citi, we understand the challenges faced by Power companies. You’re operating in a traditionally low-risk, low-return, regulated industry that is rapidly devolving into a portfolio of multi-risk and reward opportunities. That’s why you should rely on a leading provider of financial services for Power companies in the U.S. and worldwide.

In fact, with access to our team of dedicated power industry experts, you´ll find that you can count on Citi for all your cash management, fund services, securities services and trade services and finance needs. That´s because we offer solutions and services in nearly 100 countries around the world, providing power utility businesses secure electronic access to our solutions in any number of ways. Whether Web-based, file-based or directly integrated with your treasury workstation, Citi lets you connect in the way that works best for you – no matter where or how you do business.