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For Energy companies…

Chief financial officers (CFOs) of energy and energy service companies have been forced to address a variety of challenges recently, including an increased cost of debt and reduced access to the capital markets, commodity price volatility and pressures to improve costs and liquidity. As a result, the industry is seeing changing priorities that need to be addressed.

Commodity price volatility

The unprecedented volatility in energy prices has created huge swings in energy companies’ cash flows, leading to an increasing emphasis on mitigating risk, smoothing cash flow and communicating with shareholders and analysts. With the price of oil rebounding, there is an increased pressure on working capital and counter-party limits.

Pressures on capital expenditure

Energy companies have been subject to analyst, stakeholder, government and public pressure to invest in clean, efficient extraction methods and to embark on investment programmes in renewable and alternative energy sources. Major capital expenditure projects put further pressure on already stressed working capital and may require complex financing to align project timelines with debt maturities.

Mergers and acquisitions

With many firms seeking acquisition and divestment opportunities, CFOs need visibility across the enterprise to understand where cash is located and how to unlock it. In addition, consistency and automation of financial processes across the business enables efficient divestments and the rapid incorporation of acquisitions.

Cash is king

With continued volatility and uncertainty in the market, investors are placing increasing emphasis on companies with stronger liquidity (i.e. cash/assets ratio) as a key driver for higher stock returns, as compared to EPS growth. Therefore, the focus on efficient financial processes and working capital to release cash, manage risk and deploy other funding techniques to preserve cash and drive share value has never been so important.

The Citi Advantage

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