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CitiDirect® Card Management System

When it comes to effectively managing your card program Citi knows that your success lies in the details.

That is why the CitiDirect® Card Management System is a comprehensive administration system that lets you manage your card program at the account level…online. Customized to fit your financial system interfaces and processes, our card management system provides a single point of access for:

  • Reviewing, reconciling, splitting and reallocating transactions
  • Creating and modifying accounts, as well as setting up or changing controls for individual cardholders
  • Review and approval of cardholder statements

Ongoing Consultative Support
A dedicated account team will ensure that integration with your system and processes goes smoothly. Additionally, you will have access to Help Desk support, as well as comprehensive online learning and self-help tools.



  • Password management and customizable access controls
  • User guides for program administrator and cardholder training
  • Extended capabilities for integration with your financial systems and processes
  • Secure electronic access to your program data
  • Daily updates of program information

Card Management

  • Create new accounts and specify account controls
  • View and modify account information, as well as hierarchy and department information

Transaction Data

  • Access individual transactions based on specific search criteria
  • Review, reconcile and reallocate transactions
  • Integrate transaction files with your financial accounting systems, choosing from several options for file layout and delivery
  • Retrieve online statements by cardholder, cycle or statement status
  • Review and approve statements
  • Initiate transaction disputes and monitor their status

Comprehensive Reporting
The CitiDirect Card Management System provides online reports to meet your information needs with reports tailored to specific sales tax and accounting functions. In addition, it allows access to a host of powerful data management and reporting tools, including: