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Citi® Program Management Tools

Whether applying for a new card, maintaining an existing account, verifying purchases made, analyzing a program’s performance, or seeking assistance with a charge, Citi is here to help. Our array of convenient yet rigorous tools and services provides global, 24/7 support to meet our clients' global, 24/7 needs.

Online Global Support with CitiManager®
Our web-based global portal, CitiManager, will provide your organization with a single point of access to Citi’s vast suite of reporting and program management tools. These cutting-edge tools, available in over 20 languages, will integrate seamlessly with your enterprise financial systems and enable your organization to access, navigate and manage your card programs and cardholder accounts, review detailed transactions and access reports and account statements around the clock, from almost anywhere in the world.

To access the online CitiManager tool, click here.

What’s included in CitiManager?

  • Simplified Program Setup & Maintenance: Authorized users are able to apply for and modify card programs, account limits and permissions as well as review, reconcile, split, reallocate and pay charges, all within Citi’s secure web environment
  • Easy Access to Statements: Cardholders and Program Administrators have access to review account statements 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Secure File Transfer: With streamlined management and distribution of transaction reports and files, users can post and manage files and reports in Citi’s secure online environment
  • Robust Reporting: Users can access consolidated global program data, composed of 600+ data elements, via Citi’s robust reporting tools. These tools allow users to run ad-hoc or prescheduled, standard or customized, downloadable reports at their convenience
  • Training Modules: Program administrators can take advantage of Citi’s online learning webinars, Citi tool demonstrations and varied Commercial Card training materials through Citi’s learning system

For more information on the efficiency CitiManager's global portal capabilities provide Program Administrators, click here.
For more information on the valuable resources CitiManager's global portal capabilities offer Cardholders, click here.