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Why Choose Citibank?

Deal with a single, global bank
Our true global coverage enables you to run a single, comprehensive card programme across all your markets. No longer deal with multiple card providers, each with their own processes, pricing, and reporting format. The savings in time and cost are considerable.

Manage spending right across your company
Our powerful online reporting tools are the key to realising the benefits of a single card data file, enabling you to get a clear view of spending right across your company. Benefit by having tighter control over purchasing and greater negotiating power with suppliers.

Integrate easily with your existing systems
Our technology has been designed to integrate easily with your existing systems. Our solutions maintain the highest standards of data security and are trusted by global businesses.

Benefit from our dedicated support
Many global companies select Citi to implement their card programmes on the strength and reputation of our customer support. A dedicated team helps you realise the full benefit of your card programme across all markets.

Give your employees a card to rely on
By choosing Citibank, you know that your employees will have the convenience of carrying a card that is welcomed in over 22 million outlets worldwide.