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GSA SmartPay 2 Material

A/OPC Guides
Cardholder Guides
Appendices to A/OPC Guides
Other Government Services Material

Program information is organized into two main sections of materials for A/OPCs and cardholders. Program forms, which may be used by administrative personnel as well as by cardholders, are located in Appendix B.

Materials pertaining to other aspects of the Citibank® Government Services program remain in the "Other Government Services Material" section above. This section includes the GSA SmartPay 2 Presentation Package, annual GSA SmartPay Conference presentations as well as the Designated Billing Office Guide, the Transaction Dispute Office Guide, and Account Credit Ratings (Card Status) list.

Please continue to visit this site, as updates to the guides and forms will be posted here.

For questions about these materials, please contact your Citibank® Client Development Manager (for A/OPCs) or Citibank Customer Service (for cardholders).

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