Articles 2013

The professionals of Citi are among the most knowledgeable in their field. Following are recent articles that some of them have written for industry publications. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

  • Emerging Trends in Straight-Through Reconciliation
    For an increasing number of payment factories and SSCs (shared service centres) that already achieve high rates of STP (straight-through processing), optimised expense savings and efficiency gains, this article authored by Phil Hong EMEA Channel & Enterprise Services, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi, asks what many organisations want to know across the cash management and liquidity spectrum: what’s next on the agenda?
    December 2013
  • Strategic Collaboration Creates Game-Changing Post-Trade Solution
    Regional firms exploring prospects beyond their home markets need a more efficient method to expand into and within the region. UBS and Citi have teamed up to provide comprehensive middle- and back-office solutions to broker-dealers in Asia Pacific and beyond. Article Written by David Russell, Asia Pacific Head of Securities and Fund Services.
    September 2013
  • Payments: From Compliance to Innovation
    By viewing regulation change as only a compliance project, financial institutions may miss out on the opportunities to innovate. How has Citibank avoided this pitfall and where will payment innovation take them? Written by Ebru Pakcan, Global Head of Payments, Treasury and Trade Solutions, and Carolina Caballero, Product Risk & Regulatory Strategy Manager for Clearing and FI Payments, and Mark McNulty, EMEA Head of Clearing and FI Payments, Treasury and Trade Solutions.
    September, 2013
  • China Rising
    As the internationalization of China’s currency continues, more sophisticated products and services are being developed to enable FIs to take advantage of the country’s growth story. Written by Yiting Shen, Head of Developing Currency Clearing, Treasury and Trade Solutions.
    September, 2013
  • The Stable Future: Transaction Banks in the Post-Crisis World
    Transaction banks have a valuable and vital role which is central to the economies of the world and the processes of recovery. How will financial regulation effect transaction banking and the social value it provides in a post-crisis economy? Written by Ruth Wandhöfer, Global Head of Regulatory and Market Strategy, Treasury and Trade Solutions, and Dermot Turing, Partner, Clifford Chance.
    September 2013
  • Pursuit of World-Class Treasury and Finance
    Featuring Munir S Nanji, Product Sales Head, Asia Pacific, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions and Aled Rees FCMA, Director of Finance, Asia Pacific, Cabot Corporations,
    September 2013
  • Making Technology Work for Trade
    Globalization has revolutionized trade in recent decades with huge increases in trade volumes and numerous new trading routes established around the world. How are banks using technology to improve efficiency and visibility in trade? Article written by Valeria Sica, Head, Global Trade Services, Citi.
    August, 2013
  • For the Innovative, Digitization is the Present and the Future
    In today’s digitized, mobilized and globalized world, several major technology developments and challenges are shaping the inter-relationship of enterprises and their banks. Article written by JP Jolly, Head, Channel Services at Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions.
    August 2013
  • Global Trade – Reflections on the Past Three Decades
    Thirty years ago, trade was a much less complicated business than it is today but it was also more opaque. This article explores the major changes in trade over the last three decades and looks forward to the future of trade and advancements in the industry. Article written by John Ahearn, Global Head of Trade at Citi.
    August 2013
  • Fresh Take on Payments
    While technology has been a significant driver of commoditization, it may also hold the key to differentiation in the digital payments environment. Tools that can deliver increased efficiency in payments processing and full end-to-end visibility of the payments chain enable financial institutions to better service their clients. Article written by Samuel Itzcovitz, Global Head of Clearing and FI Payments, Treasury and Trade Solutions, and Jitu Chauhan, Head of USD Clearing, Treasury and Trade Solutions.
    August 2013
  • Basel III: Rethinking the Correspondent Banking Model
    Full implementation of Basel III will have a significant impact on banks’ trade businesses. Aggregation and securitization could be the keys to success. Written by John Ahearn, Global Head of Trade Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions, and Sameer Sehgal, Head of Trade, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions.
    August 2013
  • RMB Cross-Border Lending: New Structures to Unlock Cash for Business Growth
    Featuring Yigen Pei, Head, China, Treasury and Trade Solutions,
    July 2013
  • Evolutions in Treasury Centralization
    Article written by Elyse Weiner, Global Head of Liquidity Management Services, and Michael Fossaceca, North America Head of Corporate Sales, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions, published in Treasury & Risk magazine
    June 2013
  • Liquidity Strategies for Asia: Releasing Trapped Cash
    Featuring Gourang Shah, Head, Treasury Advisory, Asia Pacific, Treasury and Trade Solutions and Rachel Wang, Advisor, Treasury Advisory, Asia Pacific, Treasury and Trade Solutions
    June 2013
  • Effective Liquidity Management Drives Results
    Article written by Andrew Gelb, North America Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions, published in Treasury & Risk magazine
    May 2013
  • The Insider's View on Supplier Chain Financing Programs in Asia
    Article written by Matthew Frohling, Regional Head, Supplier Finance, Asia Pacific, Treasury and Trade Solutions
    May 2013
  • Leveraging China Reforms: New Opportunities in Cross-border Trade
    Featuring Cline Zhang, Head, Liquidity and Investments, China Treasury and Trade Solutions and Deborah Mur, Head, Clients Sales Management, China, Treasury and Trade Solutions
    March 2013

  • Commercial Cards Come of Age in Middle East
    Featuring Steve Donovan, Regional Executive at Citi Transaction Services
    Published in Buying Business Travel,
    March/April 2013

  • Payroll: An Opportunity to Achieve Standardisation, Control and the Next Level of Efficiency
    By Merisa Lee Gimpel, Payments & Receivables Market Manager EMEA, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi Transaction Services
    Published on gtnews,
    March 2013

  • Cashing in on cash efficiency
    Article by Cindy Gerhard, Global Head of Product Management for Liquidity and Investments, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi Transaction Services, on how innovative liquidity management can reduce risk and increase productivity, published in Euromoney's 2013 Guide to Technology in Treasury Management.
    March 2013

  • Navigating Headwinds in 2013: Top Priorities for Corporate Treasurers
    Article written by Gourang Shah, Head, Treasury Advisory, Asia Pacific
    February 2013

  • Treasury Outlook for 2013: A year of opportunity
    Featuring Swati Mitra (EMEA), Michael Fossaceca (North America), Manash Dasgupta (Asia) and Carolina Juan (Latin America), Region Heads of Corporate Client Sales Management, Citi Transaction Services.
    February 2013

  • "Going Dutch: the Netherlands as a Location for Operations and Treasury Services" published on Bruin van der Sar, Client Sales Management Netherlands, Citi Transaction Services
    February 2013
  • The Right Fit: Distribution and Collections Models for FMCG
    Companies in Asia

    Featuring Aman Singh Chadha, Regional Sales Consultant, Asia Pacific, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi Transaction Services. Published in Corporate Treasurer – January 2013, Citi Spotlight
    January 2013