Articles 2014

The professionals of Citi are among the most knowledgeable in their field. Following are recent articles that some of them have written for industry publications. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

  • How Smart Cash Management Could Save Your Balance Sheet
    Ebru Pakcan, Global Head of Payments and Receivables, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi discusses ‘How Smart Cash Management Could Save Your Balance Sheet’ published on November 2014 in TMI.
  • Fighting Cybercrime: A United Crusade
    Cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated and more determined by the day. Ensuring tight and efficient security is therefore imperative. Sabine McIntosh, Elizabeth Petrie and Rajesh Shenoy discuss what banks and corporates can do to protect their systems. Published on gtnews on December 1, 2014.
  • Pioneering Energy Flow Transformation in Emerging Markets
    World markets for energy have entered a period of dynamic change in both supply and demand. Demand for oil and gas in the emerging economies of China, India, south East Asia and the Middle East continues to grow. View the attached article authored by David Aldred, Sales Head for Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan and EMEA Energy, Power & Chemicals Sales Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, (TTS) Citi; Amit Agarwal, EMEA Head Liquidity Management Services, TTS, Citi; and Dimitrios Raptis, EMEA Head of Market Management, Liquidity Management Services, TTS, Citi in the October 2014 Edition of TMI
  • Collection Factories: An Optimal Roadmap
    Companies with a high degree of payment and liquidity management centralisation enjoy reduced costs, improved liquidity and FX management, and a closer working relationship with their treasuries. But for many, receivables still lie outside this structure and remain the preserve of local business units. Read and share the article which clients. Authored by Basak Toprak, EMEA Corporate and Public Sector Sales Consultant, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi published on gtnews
    November 2014.
  • Can TWIST Increase Transparency in the Transaction Business?
    ANDREAS GOTTLIEB Global Solution Sales, Germany and Austria, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi and UWE NIEMANN Head, Germany & Austria, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi discuss how TWIST has the answers.
    November 2014.
  • Fast and the Furious: Mid-Scale Treasury Organizations Gaining Speed in 2015
    John Landry, Head of Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions Canada, authored an article for the Fall 2014 issue of Canadian Treasurer Magazine on how mid-scale treasury organizations are accelerating their pace of innovation. He looks at how these organizations are gearing up and the opportunities that are still waiting to be seized.
    November 2014.
  • Often Overlooked - Four ideas to extract maximum value from your bank partners
    How do you ensure that you are getting the most value from your bank relationship and managing it in a manner that will yield the greatest results? This article offers four ideas that will extract the greatest value from your bank, make your job easier, and elevate your corporate status in the process. Article written by John Landry, Head of Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions Canada.
    October 2014.
  • Banking Integration: Is Cloud Technology the Answer: On Citi Collaborate
    By Rene Schuurman, Global Product Manager, Channel & Enterprise Services, TTS, Citi,
    and Mark Sutton, Director and Senior Payments and Integration Sales Consultant, Citi
    October 2014.
  • Tablets Shape a New Era of Banking and Cash Management: On Citi Collaborate
    By Tomasz Smilowicz, Managing Director and Mobile Solutions Head, Citi
    October 2014.
  • Trade & Export Finance Global Head Interview
    Trade & Export Finance’s Jonathan Bell talks with John Ahearn, Global Head of Trade at Citi
    September 2014
  • Benchmarking, Diagnostics and Advisory: A Blueprint for Success
    Many corporates undertook a review and initiated a transformation of their core treasury and working capital processes post crisis. They are now looking to put in place updated workflows, systems, and structures that will maximise efficiencies by giving them visibility, mobility and control over working capital. Read Michael Guralnick, Global Head of Corporate and Public Sector Sales and Global Marketing, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi, article in Treasury Today, Smarter Treasury on his thoughts about being prepared for the future, working smarter, and more efficiently.
    September 2014
  • The Banking Conundrum: Implications of an Evolving Regulatory Environment
    John Ahearn, Global Head of Trade Finance at Citi, discusses the implications of an evolving regulatory environment.
    August 2014
  • Export Credit Agencies: More Important than Ever
    Political debate about the role of export credit agencies is more heated than ever, especially in the U.S. But increasing political risk in many parts of the world, new developments in the energy market and an important initiative to boost power generation in Africa mean that export credit agencies continue to be critical to international trade and the global economy, writes Valentino Gallo, Global Head of Export & Agency Finance at Citi.
    August 2014
  • The Bountiful South, The Middle East Treasurer
    The article looks at how Trade between the Middle East and Asia looks set to grow, reflecting a fundamental shift in the world's trade axis, featuring Faraz Haider, TTS Head of Trade Finance, Middle East, Pakistan and Turkey. July 2014
  • Citi-sponsored Trade & Forfaiting Review Trade Technology supplement
    featuring a 60-Second Interview about how mobile technology and interoperability are taking trade forward (pg. 7) and an article on Bringing Trade Finance Into the 21st Century (pg. 12); both by Fran Martell, Global Trade Capabilities Product Manager.
    June 2014
  • Mark Sutton from TTS EMEA, and GE Capital’s Susan Boeri and Amit Katyal have written a joint article entitled "You Have Decided the Answer Is ISO XML Messaging, But the Key Question Is: Which Version?"
    Messaging standards continue to evolve in order to satisfy the needs of the industry — and ISO XML messages are no different. This article takes a closer look at the different versions that are currently available, some considerations around possible adoption and whether there is any real business case around a version migration.
    June 2014
  • A New Player in Commodity Trade Finance
    Kris Van Broekhoven, global head of commodity trade finance within Citi's Treasury and Trade Solutions team, assesses the commodity finance market and outlines Citi's commitment to this dynamic sector.
    June 2014
  • Hemant Gada: Common Standards, A Superior Experience
    A key priority for Citi is to offer a seamless, consistent and effective experience to its clients across the entire Citi global network. An important means of achieving this is through efficient, integrated and user-friendly channels between Citi and its clients. In this interview, Helen Sanders, Editor, discusses what this means in practice with Hemant Gada, Head of Channel and Enterprise Services for the EMEA region at Citi.
    June 2014
  • Africa's New Dawn
    Economic growth and greater stability are changing the region's trade flows, boosting infrastructure spending and increasing the importance of export credit agency and multilateral support, writes Yusuf Ali Khan, Trade Head for Sub-Saharan Africa, Treasury & Trade Solutions at Citi.
    May 2014
  • Taking bank statement reconciliation to the next level – is ISO20022 XML statement messaging the answer?
    The adoption of ISO 20022 XML messaging in the payments and collections origination space has enabled the corporate community to enjoy the benefits of simplification through standardization. This article considers the challenges that currently exist in the bank statement reconciliation space and the experience of Itron, who are one of the early adopters of the ISO 20022 XML statement message — camt.053.
    April 2014
  • The hub and spokes approach to emerging market expansion
    Thought leadership article written by Citi's Amit Agarwal, Sybil Crasto and Dimitrios Raptis.
    March 2014
  • Keeping up with Africa in 2014
    Thought leadership article written by Geoffrey Gursel, TTS Africa Sales, Keeping up with Africa: From Adapting to Change to Seizing the Opportunity: How Corporate Cash and Treasury Management is Changing in Africa
    March 2014
  • Shipping Finance: A New Model for a New Market
    Shipping finance has changed beyond recognition in the post-crisis period, with a huge increase in the role of export credit agencies and the emergence of new opportunities in areas such as liquefied natural gas, writes Valentino Gallo, Global Head of Export & Agency Finance at Citi.
    March 2014
  • The Bank Interview
    Treasury Today interview Deborah Mur, Citi’s Western European Head for Treasury and Trade Solutions about the challenges faced by corporate treasurers in Europe, trends in technology, working capital management, and emerging markets.
    February 2014
  • SCF – The Strategies You Need
    There is no question that we have entered a period of sustained economic uncertainty. Macroeconomic, regulatory and technological developments are driving increased complexity in treasury management.
    February 2014
  • Asian Shipbuilding: A Dynamic Market
    Asia will remain at the heart of the global shipbuilding industry for the foreseeable future, although the relative strength of its key players will alter, writes Sumanta Panigrahi, Managing Director and Head – Asia Pacific, Export & Agency Finance, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi.
    February 2014
  • The Rise of Renewables in Latin America
    The growth of renewable energy production has been one of the defining features of the 21st century as countries worldwide seek to improve their energy security and lower carbon emissions, writes Georges Romano, Managing Director and Head – Latin America, Export & Agency Finance, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi.
    February 2014
  • Trends in Straight-Through Reconciliation
    For an increasing number of payment factories and SSCs (shared service centers) that already achieve high rates of STP (straight-through processing), optimized expense savings and efficiency gains, this article asks what many organizations want to know across the cash management and liquidity spectrum: what’s next on the agenda?
    February 2014
  • Making Supplier Finance Work for Latin America
    Multinationals and leading domestic corporates in Latin America are increasingly adopting supplier finance solutions to improve their stability and competiveness against a backdrop of rapid macroeconomic and regulatory change.
    January/February 2014
  • Managing Emerging Market Liquidity
    article in May issue of Treasury Today authored by Citi’s Amit Agarwal, Dimitrios Raptis and Emre Karter. "Expanding in emerging markets may offer businesses unprecedented opportunity for growth, but most making that move know that there are increased risks too which, if left untended, could impair their bottom line. What can be done?
  • Collaboration: a force for good
    article in April issue of Treasury Today authored by Citi’s Mark Tweedie. The article focuses on the growth and importance of collaboration between banks and clients in our industregulatory demands, the push for greater efficiencies, the ny due to reed for sustainable growth and the focus on the client experience.
  • Keeping up with Africa: From Adapting to Change to Seizing the Opportunity: How Corporate Cash and Treasury Management is Changing in Africa
    by Citi’s Geoffrey Gursel