Leveraging the breadth and depth of our global network to deliver service innovation through access, insight and expertise

Market volatility and new regulations are making the industry more complex, increasing operating costs, lowering margins and making it harder than ever to conduct business efficiently. As a result, clients are seeking more robust risk management capabilities, connected solutions, increased efficiencies, deeper insights, and direct access to their markets. To address these challenges Citi’s Securities & Funds Services has created an innovative service model - “Network 3.0”.

Under the Network 3.0 initiative, programs are continually designed to provide Access, Insight and Expertise to clients:

Access to the largest proprietary network in the world
Expertise consisting of proprietary market and business intelligence from local market experts
Insight through the digitization of data for customized, real-time information

Built on the unique value proposition of our global proprietary network in 60+ markets, Network 3.0 evolves Citi’s global network, digitizing physical assets to create a virtual world. Explore our global presence