Debt Services for Public Finance

Agency and Trust’s comprehensive service is designed to meet the issuer’s funding objectives throughout the life of each debt security. By working closely with the issuer and the clearing system, our dedicated team facilitates the smooth processing and timely, accurate settlement of all trades and payments.

Agency and Trust operates in the capacity of:

  • Reviews new issue documentation
  • Monitors compliance with the trust agreement
  • Maintains bondholder register and history
  • Maintains records of principal amount outstanding on securities
  • Reviews activities of transfer agent
  • Coordinates the registration transfer or exchange of bonds
Calculation Agent
  • Calculates interest due for payment period for securities with floating rates
Tender Agent
  • Collects tender bonds and reissues per Remarketing Agent instruction, draws on Letter of Credit if necessary
Debt Exchange Agency
  • Exchanges outstanding debt for new debt

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