Merger and Acquisition Services

A trusted agent can help manage the complexities of executing domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Agency and Trust has experience in providing fiduciary and agency services for a full spectrum of reorganization transactions.

Comprehensive service offering

With the breadth of transaction support provided by Agency and Trust, clients are free to concentrate on the commercial aspects of their mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. A team of experienced professionals provides superior product knowledge, customized service and processing expertise that spans a multitude of transaction activities.

Paying, Tender or Exchange Agent

In order to facilitate an acquisition, the acquirer will normally require a Paying, Tender or Exchange Agent to manage a variety of transaction-related services throughout the entire tender and exchange process, including:

  • Coordination of activities between local and international markets
  • Preparation of shareholder register
  • Distribution of offer documents
  • Collection of the associated securities deliveries, both physically and electronically
  • Processing of submissions
  • Coordination and distribution of cash, debt and equity consideration
  • Monitoring of securities deliveries and provision of progress reports
  • Handling of any cash being distributed to the shareholders to effect the transfer of ownership
  • Tax reporting services

As an Exchange Agent, Agency and Trust can also assist in providing post-merger cleanup via the initation of an unclaimed property program.

Escrow Agent

Escrow Agent services also play an important role in controlling and minimizing counterparty risk in the closing of a transaction or in addressing considerations such as tax, management retention and pricing issues. The Escrow Agent receives, safe-keeps, services and disburses assets in accordance with specific terms and conditions established by the underlying escrow agreement.

Agency and Trust is a leader in Escrow Agent services, providing comprehensive support for almost any kind of transaction.

Closing Agent

Agency and Trust offers Closing Agent services to guide complex transactions to a smooth conclusion. We are uniquely positioned to:

  • Provide on-the-ground expertise on the practices and requirements of a number of foreign jurisdictions relating to deal settlement
  • Move large amounts of funds across multiple geographies in multiple currencies in a timely and risk-controlled manner
  • Coordinate with multiple deal parties, including bankers, lawyers, accountants, and consultants, to structure and advise on the deal settlement process.