Information Center - Special Notice to Bondholders Outside the United States

To change the registration on bonds, in addition to the requirements outlined in the General Guidelines for the Transfer of Securities, Citibank also requires a bond power with a Medallion Guarantee.

Since a Medallion Guarantee is offered only through financial institutions in the United States, we recommend that you contact a local commercial bank that has a correspondent bank in the United States. Through the local bank you should have the officer's signature (on the bond power) affixed with a Signature Guarantee in the following format:

Officer's Signature

"Signature Guarantee"
[Name of Bank]

X   Authorized Bank Officer

The bond power endorsed by the officer with the Signature Guarantee affixed may be forwarded to the correspondent bank in the United States from whom a Medallion Guarantee may be affixed on the bond power and then returned back to you. The complete transfer package should be presented to Citibank, via overnight courier, at the following address:

Citibank, N.A.
Citibank Agency & Trust
111 Wall Street
15th Floor, Zone 8
New York, NY 10005
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