Escrow and Specialized Agency Services

Citibank Agency and Trust provides high-quality, customized, escrow and collateral services to secure virtually any type of valuable asset. Our emphasis is on flexibility. We will tailor a solution so that you can close your transactions — whether standard or quite complex — quickly, while minimizing counterparty risk.

As your Escrow Agent or Collateral Trustee, we will safeguard your funds or assets and distribute them according to agreed-upon terms. We can also:

  • Establish a team of experts dedicated to your escrow transaction as well as an experienced, single point of contact you can rely on
  • Establish segregated accounts to achieve specific accounting or legal requirements
  • Maintain the accounts, including tracking the receipt and investment of funds
  • Report on payments made to parties to the transaction
  • Execute investment instructions in multiple currencies
  • Administer any combination of onshore, offshore and cross-border transactions
  • Effect quick turnaround of standard or customized documentation
  • Provide, as needed, browser-based technology through CitiDirect for Securities that will allow daily viewing of your account activity

We can offer a full range of escrow and special transaction capabilities, such as:

  • Escrow Agent
  • Security Agent or Trustee
  • Collateral Agent or Trustee
  • Disbursement Agent
  • Project Finance Escrow Agent
  • Indemnification Escrow Agent
  • Standby Trustee
  • 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Agent
  • Subscription Escrow Agent
  • Special Purpose Acquisition Company ("SPAC") Escrow Agent

Agency and Trust has provided superior and innovative escrow services for over a century to thousands of clients worldwide. We have earned the trust of leading corporations, investment banks, financial institutions and public-sector entities alike. We are experienced at engineering solutions that add value to a client's transactions. Whether an escrow is between two multinationals entering into a five-year joint venture or a pharmaceutical company shipping products to Russia offset by raw materials shipped back to the U.S., Agency and Trust provides experience, local market expertise and global reach.