Debt Services – Offering

As Trustee, we can review new issue documentation, ensure compliance with provisions of the Trust Agreement, and represent bondholders' interests.

As Registrar, we can maintain a register of all bondholders and their histories, record all ownership transfers, and, in the case of a transfer or exchange, issue and authenticate new bonds.

As Issuing and Paying Agent, we can issue securities upon your order, collect funds from the issuer, make interest and principal payments to bondholders, arrange payment and arrange for cancellation and destruction of coupons and matured bonds, and prepare and file tax reports. As Fiscal Agent or Principal Paying Agent, we can act as your liaison with security-holders, coordinate payments to investors through our network of paying agents and ensure that only authorized debt is issued.

As Common Depositary (for Euroclear and Clearstream in the Euromarkets) we safekeep the global note and reflect changes in the positions held by Euroclear and Clearstream. We also perform custodial functions relating to corporate actions on the securities held.

As Calculation Agent for Floating Rate issues, we can compute interest due for the payment period and inform Issuer, Trustee, and Paying Agent.

As Conversion Agent, we can compute the conversion value of securities presented, calculate the amount of securities to be issued, and obtain the expected securities from the issuing agent.