Citi® Agency and Trust

Debt issuers, investment banks, collateral managers and investment managers rely on Citi Agency and Trust for a variety of agency, debt and fiduciary services to support the full spectrum of capital market transactions. Corporations and governments rely on Citi Agency and Trust for assistance with escrows and to ensure that special transactions, such as M&A tender and exchange, are handled flawlessly.

Leveraging Citi's local expertise and global consistency of services, Citi Agency and Trust delivers innovative, cost efficient and replicable structures for your corporations' specific needs. With Citi Agency and Trust, you receive:

  • Reliable transaction processing
  • Dependable safekeeping of assets
  • Accurate, timely reporting of information
  • Flexibility / customization of product offerings
  • Responsive, professional customer service
  • Product and market expertise
  • Competitive pricing
  • Global network and reach
  • One-stop shopping for financial transaction support
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