OTC Derivatives

Confronting the New Order

New regulations and oversight are transforming the OTC derivatives market, adding new levels of complexity and increasing operational risk across the contract lifecycle. Meeting the challenges of managing resources in a more tightly regulated environment is putting increased pressure on asset managers’ in-house capabilities. Participants in the OTC derivatives market must be prepared to meet stringent new requirements - daily operational and reporting obstacles that will demand greater resources and specialized expertise.

Citi OTC Derivatives Solution

Citi’s comprehensive OTC derivatives service consolidates and simplifies the entire post-trade execution process. The offering provides clients with a full range of middle- and back-office services, including confirmation, settlement, valuation, collateral and margin management and access to Citi’s global clearing capabilities. Citi offers an integrated set of services designed for this rapidly evolving environment, delivering flexible, modular solutions that leverage the extensive resources of our global network to support our clients’ derivatives needs.

Full contract life cycle support from one source:


  • Full OTC Market Connectivity
    Leverages Citi’s established global connectivity to execution venues, swap execution facilities, market data services, clearinghouses, affirmation/confirmation platforms and data repositories.
  • Delivered on a Proven Technology Platform
    Built to Citi’s high standards, tested and refined using high-volume trading strategies of global asset managers.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
    Extensive reporting capabilities throughout the process, and the ability to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports and ad hoc reports upon request.
  • Direct Access to Operational Workflow
    Enables clients to stay in control with intraday, online data processing and reporting, with a web-based dashboard view that allows full intraday visibility into key contract events and collateral portfolio.