OpenCollateralSM Solutions

OpenCollateral provides a complete, customizable solution for all collateral-related functions. The solutions include:

  • Risk Management Functions — Designed to control and mitigate counterparty credit risk, and reduce potential losses due to counterparty failure while maintaining transparency on the collateral management process.
    • Contract Administration
    • Margin Management
    • Risk & Metrics Reporting
    • Daily Mark-to Market
    • Reconciliation
  • Asset Management Functions — Designed to proactively work with you to manage your cash and securities with the goal of maximizing the return on collateral assets. Custodian neutral, this includes both proprietary positions as well as collateral received from counterparties.
    • Eligibility
    • Substitution
    • Optimization/Allocation
    • Rehypothecation
    • Safekeeping

OpenCollateral is part of a comprehensive solution that supports collateral-related activities across a broad spectrum of trading products, including OTC derivatives, prime broker relationships, and repurchase agreements.