Hedge Fund Administration for Single Managers

As a single manager partnering with Citi you will receive consistent, accurate, and timely services integral to the successful operation of your funds. We offer professional management of operational and administrative activities in a single, fully integrated suite of services.

Derivative Valuation Services

Increasingly, investors and regulators are demanding independent portfolio valuations. Our derivatives valuation service allows you to satisfy your investors demands for objective, third-party portfolio valuations, combined with our unparalleled reputation as an independent third-party administrator. Our long-standing relationships with a range of providers allow us to be flexible with even the most complex derivative products. Citi offers the administration experience and expertise that you can rely on to secure independent valuations.

Prime Broker Interfaces

When you partner with Citi, we understand the importance of having your choice of prime brokers. We offer you the option of utilizing the services of your existing broker, to which we have the necessary interfaces.

An alternative option is to partner with our Citigroup Global Markets Inc. and its affiliates, through which we are able to provide you with access to our prime brokerage services where dedicated specialist offer standard and tailored credit options.

Cash Management

Through CitiDirect® Online Banking we offer you cash management account capabilities in more than 35 currencies across three currency centers to enable you to hold balances and transactions in multiple currencies. Our fully integrated web-based system allows you to access all of your expense, trading, subscription and redemption accounts with robust reporting tools and quality controls.