Citi® Treasury Analytics

In an environment where transparency of investments and risk mitigation are paramount, a successful investment program hinges upon having access to accurate and timely information.

If you're like many institutional managers today, you are looking for a more efficient way to manage your assets, fulfill your reporting requirements and address your fiduciary responsibilities while providing executive and board reporting at a moment's notice.

Treasury Analytics is the most comprehensive investment analytics solution available, providing accounting, compliance, risk and performance reporting on one integrated platform.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • A single, comprehensive location of all investment related information in a user-friendly format including executive dashboards
  • Facilitates improved decision-making by providing timely data and analytics that can help increase your returns and improve your risk management and information exchange
  • Integrated reporting for daily portfolio investment accounting, compliance, risk and performance
  • Automated, independent validation and audit trail of your investments
  • Full off-cycle accounting capabilities including FAS 115, FAS 95, FAS 157, GASB 40 and Sarbanes-Oxley certification
  • Assurance of being in compliance with investment guidelines
  • Oversight capabilities across your portfolio

Treasury Analytics gives you the flexibility and convenience of having a single view of all investment assets, combined with comprehensive reporting to give you timely, relevant information about your portfolio. We can help you spend less time compiling reports from multiple investment managers, and more time gaining strategic insights into your investment allocations, which can help you make better informed decisions about your investments.

Treasury Analytics is offered alongside Citi's global and US direct custody, TreasuryVision®, Citibank® Online Investments, and other service offerings for institutional clients. For more information about how Treasury Analytics can help you manage your investment portfolio accounts and meet your reporting requirements more effectively, please contact your Citi representative. Or complete the Contact Us form to schedule a demo and/or request additional information.