Transfer Agency and Shareholder Services

What are you looking for in a transfer agent? A comprehensive control structure? Third-party audit review? Rigorous service and quality control? Citi's transfer agency outsourcing solution is built upon industry-leading processes and services. Citi can provide comprehensive distribution channels support to broker/dealers, financial planners, registered investment advisors, institutional servicing teams, and shareholders. Utilizing a state-of-the-art platform enables our clients to grow their domestic business as well as to cost-effectively export their competitive position.

The Citi Competitive Advantage
Citi's flexible and customized business solutions become a seamless extension of your organization.

  • Highest quality standards in the industry
  • Superior shareholder recordkeeping/servicing and intermediary support
  • Practical, customized applications and solutions
  • Meticulous internal and external independent audit review
  • Product development and distribution support

Best-of-Breed Solutions
Citi employs a real-time platform with surround technology modules for flexible and customizable business solutions.

  • Industry portal access and integration
  • Real-time data extraction capability
  • Expandable database supports the importation of data from multiple sources/initiatives
  • Web-based sales reporting
  • Real-time cash reporting

Product Development and Distribution Support
Citi helps keep your business competitive with new product support and distribution links.