Market Information

Market Guide, Citi's premier Securities and Fund Services (SFS) information channel, is part of CitiDirect for Securities' leading-edge on-line platform and is continuously updated and refined with the most current content that allows clients to gain quick and direct access to Citi's extensive market and service intelligence, while providing comprehensive, timely and accurate information.

To a large degree unmatched in the marketplace, Citi's Market Guide platform provides clients with the market intelligence they need to make decisions faster, seize new market opportunities and grow their business. The channel brings clients closer to our markets globally by providing access to an all-inclusive range of quality market and service publications, videos and topics of interest with comprehensive local market insights, comparative snapshots, value-added analysis and the technological tools you need to tap into new market opportunities and support business decisions.

Our local securities and funds specialists are responsible for sharing a full range of market and service knowledge by generating different publications and video updates that are classified according to the topic at hand, the immediacy of its impact on investors whilst highlighting any actions clients need to take.

Flexibility and customization are both at the core of Market Guide. Not only can clients focus solely on the markets that are of interest and tailor data and charts accordingly, but it also has sophisticated search capabilities that will enable clients to quickly identify and retrieve critical information. Clients may choose from a range of formats in which to receive information and news, ranging from HTML, PDF email notifications or RSS alerts directly to client's desktop. Moreover, to access Citi's network of market and product experts and keep abreast of our news, events and awards, Market Guide also provides network information and a Media and Events Center.

Popular on-line tools

Market Guide's key goal is to give clients the ability to source and create a solution tailored to their specific needs and analyze the data for key markets faster. Two of these time-saving essential tools are briefly mentioned below.

To access Market Guide or to learn more about its powerful features please visit today to stay up-to-date on the latest securities market news. For clients that don't have their User ID and password, they should contact their dedicated Citi Representative for help logging on.