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Commercial Banking offer

International Desk is a program under which commercial clients may count on assistance in opening accounts with Citi's foreign subsidiaries. Then they can be sure to be offered the same banking systems as well as a similar client service model and service standards as those used at Citi Handlowy. This facilitates managing financial affairs of an international capital group.

The clients' benefits include:

Operational support
  • A Relationship Manager manages the accounts maintained at Citi Handlowy and acts as a liaison between Citi's outlets and Relationship Managers handling your company's foreign subsidiaries
  • A single electronic banking system:
    CitiDirect enables access to accounts maintained by Citi for all your companies in Poland and abroad
Easy management of the group's financials
  • Uniform approach to the offer and pricing terms for all companies operating within the same capital group
  • Effective liquidity management through cash pooling across most countries where Citi operates
  • Reports and market forecasts by Citi Handlowy's Chief Economist:
    Piotr Kalisz has been ranked among the world's 10 best economic forecasters by Bloomberg
Solutions facilitating international settlements
  • Single online platform for exchanging currencies in many countries:
    CitiFX Pulse is the number 1 platform among Corporate Clients in Poland (according to Euromoney magazine) offering access to over 50 currency pairs (including Chinese Yuan)
  • Wide range of trade services
Business financing
  • Analysis of creditworthiness of the parent company and of its subsidiaries
  • Ability to finance both the local client and its foreign subsidiaries
  • Flexible ways of securing credit products customized to local requirements
  • Fast-track lending for the group's entities