The Kronenberg Foundation
7th June, 2017
#CitiVolunteers Citi Global Community Day will take place already on Saturday!

30th May, 2017
Citi Handlowy becomes the double Benefactor of the Year #CitiVolunteers

31st March, 2017
20 good practices of Citi in Poland in the Responsible Business Forum report

27th March, 2017
Citi Handlowy continues to be ethical

20th March, 2017
Another edition of the "Volunteering in Culture" program

9th March, 2017
ArtSherlock application won the Mobile Trends award

8th March, 2017
Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy - IT for SHE program partner

9th February, 2017
Elżbieta and Krzysztof Penderecki are the winners of the 18th annual Aleksander Gieysztor Award

27th December, 2016
Christmas Polish-style - we spend it mostly ... on the sofa

19th December, 2016
Holiday spending of Poles

15th December, 2016
"Volunteering in Culture" conference - report

5th December, 2016
1st Polish National Conference on "Voluntarism in Culture", December 5-7, 2016, Warsaw

18th November 2016
Volunteer's Ticket to Culture - 1st edition of the campaign

26th October 2016
The 9th edition of the survey "Attitudes of Poles towards Finances" looks at why saving is still a challenge for us

24th October 2016
1st Nationwide Conference "Volunteering in Culture". 5-7 December 2016, Warsaw, Grand Theatre-National Opera

10th October 2016
Polish firms abroad: greater profitability than at home, but stronger competition

3rd October 2016
CEMEX and Amicaare the winners of the third Emerging Market Champions competition

28th September 2016
Emerging Market Champions Award of the Kronenberg Foundation and Citi Handlowy for the third time at the European Forum for New Ideas

22nd September 2016
18th edition of the Aleksander Gieysztor Award - we are starting the call for nominations

20th June 2016
#CitiVolunteers helped Citi's 11th Global Community Day across Poland

10th June 2016
Citi's 11th Global Community Day - tens of thousands of volunteers around the world get together in order to help

9th June 2016
Technology at the forefront

30th May 2016
Every second child gets less than 50 zł a month - for Children's Day, a look at allowances and not only

9th May 2016
ArtSherlock - a breakthrough in identification of works of art stolen in Poland during WWII

4th April 2016
Over twenty projects of Citi in Poland find their way to the list of "Good Practices" of the Responsible Business Forum

22nd March 2016
How to survive Easter in terms of finance

4th March 2016
A piece of paper, a pencil and rigorous discipline - such is an approach of a woman towards household finances

18th February 2016
Krystyna and Andrzej Wajda Receive the Professor Aleksander Gieysztor Award of the 17th Edition

29th December 2015
Have an economical New Year, or how to stick to one's financial resolutions

18th December 2015
RESPECT Index for Citi Handlowy

17th December 2015
"Many a mickle..." or why it is worth saving even in the environment of low interest rates.

14th December 2015
The fifth university in Poland joins the "First Million" game

4th December 2015
In 2015, Citi Volunteers helped 25 thousand people and encourage others to do the same - 93% recommend volunteering.

2nd December 2015
One in four students is planning to establish his or her own company

12th November 2015
Are we constant in our feelings towards... own finances?

1st October 2015
Samsung and Nowy Styl Group are the winners of the second edition of the Emerging Market Champions Award

23rd September 2015
Polish companies don't have complexes

27th August 2015
Are we able to plan September expenditures?

18th August 2015
Hi-Tech Startup for the first time!

24th June 2015
Micro-companies don't seek support

23rd June 2015
Savings are the key. Winner of Citi Microentrepreneurship Award 2015

12th June 2015
Join. Act. Change things for the better

1st June 2015
Official opening of the 2nd edition of the Business in Women's Hands program

28th May 2015
Debate and workshops at the University of Szczecin: How to successfully enter the job market?

21st May 2015
Can I afford my own business? - 6th Conference of the Network of Entrepreneurial Women

4th May 2015

22nd April 2015
Citi Handlowy Named Most Responsible Financial Institution

15th April 2015
Citi Handlowy with 18 good practices in the Report of the Responsible Business Forum

16th March 2015
Kronenberg Foundation: Polish firmsare ready to expand abroad

13th March 2015
On March 8 a new edition of an acceleration program for women was launched "Business in Women's Hands 2015"

11th March 2015
Saule Technologies wins Start-up of the Year 2014

9th March 2015
Win the Citi Microentrepreneurship Award 2015!

5th March 2015
Women - the guardians of household budgets

13th February 2015
Prof. Franciszek Ziejka is the winner of the Aleksander Gieysztor Award

19th January 2015
Blue Monday Or the most depressing day of the year

18th December 2014
Citi Handlowy in the Respect Index for the eighth time

18th December 2014
We now have the results of the "Business in Women's Hands" program

5th December 2014
Employee volunteering only brings benefits

3th December 2014
Don't fall into a debt trap for the holidays

1st December 2014
How to successfully enter the job market?

19th November 2014
Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy honored for supporting entrepreneurship

17th November 2014
Day without debts - a dream of 5% of Poles

12th November 2014
Poles finish on the podium in the international G20 competition

3rd November 2014
Poles to combat drinking water shortage?

31st October 2014
Saving should start with discussion

21st October 2014
One out of eight Poles save regularly

2nd October 2014
KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. wins Emerging Market Champions Award

29th September 2014
Publisher of art books in finals of European Business Awards

24th September 2014
More and more Poland on foreign markets

16th September 2014
Expansion is a way to grow - second part of the Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy's survey

8th September 2014
Call for nominations for the 16th jubilee edition of the Aleksander Gieysztor Award

29th July 2014
"One, Two, Three - You are a Varsovian" - the fourth annual city game is under way

23rd June 2014
One in five Polish microenterprises plan to expand their business

17th June 2014
10th edition of Citi Microentrepreneurship Award

17th June 2014
Employee volunteering? The example comes from the top

16th June 2014
Citi Volunteers - sharing knowledge

12th June 2014
10 years of the Microentrepreneur of the Year competition

23rd May 2014
Gdańsk University of Technology for Students Debate "Enter the Job Market with Success"

14th May 2014
Women manage budgets better

4th April 2014
What do Poles think about their retirement?

4th April 2014
Record number of good practices at Citi Handlowy

31st March 2014
Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards - only two more weeks!

18th March 2014
Volunteering increasingly popular in Poland

7th March 2014
Polish women and finances

3rd March 2014
19th century drawings and lithographs return to the National Museum in Warsaw

3rd March 2014
Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards - an opportunity for your company!

6th February 2014
The Aleksander Gieysztor Award

17th January 2014
Plan your summer vacation already in winter

30th December 2013
Saving is the best New Year's resolution

17th December 2013
Citi Handlowy in the RESPECT Index for the seventh time

29th November 2013
On November 30 we celebrate a Day Without Purchases

31st October 2013
We don't think about the future, we focus on the present, according to the 6th annual survey of "Poles' attitudes towards saving"

4th October 2013
Microentrepreneurs and growth during the crisis

1st October 2013
The Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy announces successful transfer of Penny to Pound Program to one of the leading bank's clients

16th September 2013
Call for nominations for the 15th jubilee edition of the Aleksander Gieysztor Award

3rd September 2013
Kronenberg Foundation supports Jagiellonian University Museum's interactive exhibition "The World of the Senses"

25th July 2013
Payment backlogs are not a problem for microentreprises

9th July 2013
Gierymski, Paderewski, Kronenberg - get to know your city's heroes

21st June 2013
Strategies of microenterprises - how to survive the crisis

20th June 2013
Title "Microentrepreneur of the Year 2013" for the producer of the world's fastest industrial processor

20th June 2013
Employee Volunteering Day at Citi Handlowy - Citi's 8th Global Community Day

10th June 2013
History of banking and the future

10th June 2013
Interactive exhibition of the Jagiellonian University Museum "The World of the Senses" once again on the move in Poland

27th May 2013
"Poles in the world of finance" wins "Economicus" prize

30th April 2013
50 days to Citi's Global Community Day!

25th April 2013
Citi Handlowy among top three financial firms in the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Ranking of Responsible Companies

15th April 2013
Program of the Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy honored in the competition "Together We Are Building Social Capital"

28th March 2013
Citi Handlowy is one of the most responsible companies

4th March 2013
Competition Microentrepreneur of the Year 2013 has started!

15th February 2013
Aleksander Gieysztor Award for Anda Rottenberg

1st February 2013
Citi Handlowy listed in RESPECT Index for the sixth time

11th December 2012
Citi Handlowy wins Employee Volunteering Program category in 100 Percent Employee Volunteering Award contest

17th July 2012
Brandee McHale - CEO Citi Foundation - Vice President of the Kronenberg Foundation Council

16th July 2012
Citi Handlowy engages over 1600 volunteers working for 14,500 people

19th June 2012
Cooperation between the Kronenberg Foundation and the Ministry of Culture will help recover the lost works of art

22nd March 2012
The Kronenberg Foundation awarded with the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk Medal

22nd March 2012
The Foundation recovers a high-valued painting and initiates the program "Recovery of Polish Art"

21st March 2012
15th anniversary of the Kronenberg Foundation and 200th birthday of Leopold Kronenberg

9th February 2012
Norman Davies wins the 13th Aleksander Gieysztor Award

31st January 2012
Citi Handlowy listed in RESPECT Index for the fourth time

21st December 2011
The Foundation publishes the first full biography of Leopold Kronenberg

5th October 2009
We strongly encourage you to take part in Citi's Global Community Day 2009

19th September 2008
Citi's Kronenberg Foundation Sponsors 18th Jewish Culture Festival

23rd April 2008
Earth Day with Citi Poland: Customers Give Up Paper Statements, Bank Handlowy to Plant 40,000 Trees in the Spring

26th March 2008
Citi Handlowy supports "Banks in Action - Entrepreneurship Day"

19th March 2008
The Professor Aleksander Gieysztor Award for Ossolineum

17th November 2007
1900 Citi Handlowy volunteers helped communities all over Poland

13th December 2006
Best microentrepreneur announced

7th December 2006
Decade of modern philanthropy in Citibank Handlowy

13th November 2006
The competition for the "Award of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA for outstanding achievements in the theory of economics and finance "

11th October 2006
Winners of the Microentrepreneur of the Year 2005 competition developed the world's best speech synthesizer

26th June 2006
Citibank Handlowy's Kronenberg Foundation Bestows Gift on Amber Museum

17th-18th June 2006
Citibank Handlowy and Kronenberg Foundation support the Enchanted Song Festival

27th March 2006
Final Round of "My Finances - From Classroom to Big Money" competition

6th March 2006
Citibank Handlowy's Kronenberg Foundation Names Wokulski Competition Winner

9th February 2006
The Leopold Kronenberg Foundation honors Krzysztof Kazimierz Pawłowski with the Professor Aleksander Gieysztor Award

18th December 2005
Citibank Handlowy's Employee Volunteer Program Wins Colors of Volunteering Competition

28th November 2005
Bank Handlowy Awards Author for Analysis of Polish Monetary Policy

16th September 2005
"My Finances" - Knowledge that Pays Off