Wealth management – When is a good time to invest?

With a well-diversified portfolio – anytime

Wealth management services

  • Products and services that are tailored to your wealth management needs
  • Advice from a senior Citigold Private Client Relationship Manager and wealth management team
  • Ideas, insights and access to Citi's in-house research and commentary on global and local markets
  • Assistance in constructing your own financial portfolio by our Portfolio counsellors, and annual reviews to optimize your portfolio based on your objectives.

As markets evolve and needs become increasingly sophisticated, the rigors and discipline of the wealth planning process has to keep pace. At Citigold Private Client, you have access to an extensive range of investments, securities and banking services that are designed to meet your various wealth management needs.

Wealth management strategies

With our comprehensive range of products, we strive to create options that are customised for you.

Shorter-term or trading options:

Dual currency placements
Fixed income securities

Longer-term investment options:

Structured products
Mutual funds

Wealth management planning

You have worked hard to build wealth for your family and loved ones. As a Citigold Private Client we can refer you to a third-party provider who may be able to assist you in structuring appropriate legal vehicles to manage your financial holdings. Benefits of setting up a private investment legal vehicle may include creating financial privacy and confidentiality. Additionally, utilising this referral service can help to consolidate your family’s financial security for the current generation and beyond.

If you would like to find out more information about this referral service, please speak to your dedicated Citigold Private Client Relationship Manager. Please note that Citi does not provide tax advice.

Wealth management needs

Taken judiciously, leverage can be a powerful way to optimise your financial plan.

  • Loans – available over a variety of terms in US Dollar, Sterling and Euro plus a variety of other currencies
  • Overdrafts – instant credit when you need it, with a pre-arranged facility linked to your Cash Account
  • Enhanced financing terms and competitive rates for financing a variety of investment ideas including fixed income, securities and structured notes

Wealth management advisory

You understand the value of expertise. So do we. Your Citigold Private Client Relationship Manager is supported by an experienced team of specialists in multiple disciplines, such as equity, fixed income, trusts and risk management. This wealth management team can provide you with a holistic view of your wealth, and work together to help you achieve your financial goals.

Wealth management expertise

With access to our team of onshore Wealth Management experts across the world, you can be sure that as a Citigold Private Client we are there to help you manage your investment portfolio on a truly global scale. With onshore Client Relationship Managers based in 8 countries, across Europe and beyond, we can offer a vast array of in-depth knowledge in local investment opportunities.

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