Investing internationally through Switzerland

Investing internationally through Switzerland

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Switzerland’s pre-eminence as an international banking and financial centre is well known. Located at the centre of Europe’s ancient trade routes and boasting a long tradition of banking and finance, it’s an ideal location for those looking to invest a portion of their wealth internationally.

Financial services are integral to Switzerland and it is home to over 300 banks. The country provides more than a quarter of cross-border private banking services globally and is one of the world's most sought-after business locations. Financial professionals in Switzerland are renowned for their technical skill, innovation and language abilities, while the country's location places it right at the heart of both European and global trade. Compared with other banks, Citigold Private Client has a low threshold requirement to access this prestigious location and the first class investment services we offer.

Investment through Switzerland with Citi IPB is only available to Citigold Private Clients who reside in certain jurisdictions and invest at least US $1 million with us, along with meeting the local “Qualified Investor” requirements.

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