Portfolio management - When is a good time to invest? With a well-diversified portfolio, anytime.

Investment management services

  • Model portfolios for varying risk profiles and multiple markets
  • Access to multiple asset classes
  • Portfolio structuring and re-balancing to optimise long-term outcomes

When your wealth has grown to a substantial level, you are always invested in the markets regardless of conditions. At Citigold Private Client, we work with you to help you maximise your returns and manage the risks across your portfolio, throughout your investment lifecycle.

This is achieved with our annual portfolio review service, offered by your dedicated portfolio counselor, we work with you to develop a strategic portfolio drawing on multiple asset classes - from cash and deposits to managed funds and structures, direct equities, bonds and currencies. Because when your investments are substantial, it becomes even more essential to build a focused portfolio that is self-sustaining.

The result? You pursue your investment objectives with a greater degree of confidence in both times of volatility, as well as opportunity.

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